Pub. 13 2023-2024 Issue 3

Digital Signage is a Must in Banking and Here’s Why

Yes, we get it. “Tell me something new about digital signage marketing in banking because I think I have heard it all,” you say. The market is continuously turning up the pressure dial on competition for deposits and loans.

Non-brick-and-mortar entities have been relentlessly pursuing a larger market share and increasingly distracted and fickle customers. Adding all this to rate volatility can create a toxic cocktail of high costs and low ROI for bank marketing.

But digital signage can help with both reach and saturation.

With digital (electronic message center) signage, financial institutions can broaden the message and target the right customer while saturating the market with 24/7 relevant content.

Here are some handy statistics related to electronic message centers (interior and exterior) in bank locations:

  • Digital signage, whether interior or exterior, reduces perceived wait times by up to 35%.
  • People remember pictures 400 times better than text.
  • Digital signage used within offices improves team morale and boosts productivity.
  • Electronic message centers increase branding and perceived relationship value.

Target Marketing

Digital signage can also target market segments specific to branch locations. In a college town? You can showcase products college students need and want late at night while they are out and about. Near a retirement-aged population? Get a festive popcorn bag image, add a machine inside and flash your best CD rates!

Some additional ways banks can use their signage investment to maximize activity and deposits are:

  • Displaying up-to-the-minute rates on exterior and interior digital signs
  • Cross-promoting products and services
  • Entertaining viewers with news, events and weather
  • Showing building directories and maps at interactive kiosks

Brand Consistency

Digital message centers throughout branches will unify customer messaging and graphics, making marketing efforts more trackable and quantifiable.


Using a digital asset management system with built-in compliance controls adds a layer of automated accountability.

Hypercompetitive Environments

Mastering content marketing, hand in hand with digital asset management, can result in a massive payoff in customer loyalty and growth.

Limited Internal Resources

Strong digital signage and brand unity can heal many deficiencies in human resources. With adequate training, cloud-based software can be run efficiently from anywhere, even with a limited staff.

Bank marketers might not be aware that, in addition to the increased efficiency and improved technology of digital signage, electronic message centers can be leased, thus minimizing significant cash outlays and providing opportunities for more frequent upgrades as the technology continues to evolve.

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