Pub. 11 2021-2022 Issue 1


BankWork$ Helps Build Lasting Careers


This story appears in the
Colorado Banker Magazine Pub. 11 2021-2022 Issue 1

Growing up in an environment of financial struggle and a lack of role models, Dynasty felt destined to duplicate these same struggles in her own life. Working many low-wage, labor-intense jobs, she moved from position to position, seeking something that sparked her mentally and emotionally, wanting to move beyond the economic challenges her family had always faced. While searching for yet another job, she found the post for the BankWork$ program on the jobsite Indeed. 

Goodwill’s long-established partnership with BankWork$ offers free, eight-week training to adults seeking a rewarding career in the banking industry. Opportunities range from tellers to customer service positions to personal bankers. The BankWork$ broad curriculum includes mock interviews, job placement assistance and mentoring to foster job satisfaction and career advancement opportunities. The Colorado Bankers Association has been a partner and has endorsed the program in the state since day one. 

Dynasty was a model student, committed to learning and growing. She shared that she had always felt isolated from the financial system, being just another face in a sea of customers, and wants to ensure that no customer feels the same isolation. She has made it her goal to help those disenfranchised from the banking system by race, gender, or financial hardship and allow them the opportunity to participate and learn about how the financial system works and find their own financial success.

“Before participating in the BankWork$ program I was going from one dead-end job to another. I had no idea how beneficial and life-changing this experience would be,” said Dynasty. “The confidence and knowledge I gained through participating in BankWork$ is truly invaluable. I will forever be grateful to not only BankWork$ but, more importantly, BJ and Candace as well for their guidance, support and encouragement. With absolutely no experience in banking, BankWork$ provided me with the opportunity to build a lasting career in a thriving work environment when I thought all hope was lost.”

Before she graduated from the BankWork$ program, Dynasty interviewed for a Client Relationship Consultant position with U.S. Bank. She exemplified the skills and strengths needed for the job, and U.S. Bank offered it to her before graduating from the program! 

Dynasty started her full-time banking career with U.S. Bank on April 5, 2021. She loves the environment and the team. She is proud of her accomplishments and the opportunities this career will bring her to change her life and the lives of her family.

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